These stories are why we do what we do.

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Ezra Moore is 10 years old who lives in Las Vegas, NV. Ezra is the granddaughter of the founders of Special Angels Foundation, Crystal and Gary Carpenter. Ezra was diagnosed with severe Cerebral Palsy. Ezra received a grant for a light weight motorized wheelchair. We love you!!

Marvin Alecio is 13 years old who lives in Gardena California. Marvin was diagnosed with Exphoria, Developmental Delay, Vacterl Syndome, Hydrocephalus and Lagophthalmos. Marvin received a grant for AAC Camp at Momentum workshop to help him strive towards independence.

Quinn Szper is 14 years old who lives in Hampstead , MD. Quinn was diagnosed with autism, sensory processing disorder, dysgraphia, ADD and depression. Quinn was awarded a grant for Horse Therapy.

Camahl Hampton is an 11 year old who lives in Los Angeles California. Camahl was diagnosed with SLD with sensory processing issues and is dyslexic. Camahl received a grant for Therapy.

Emersyn Newcomb is a 5 year old who lives in Deep Run North Carolina. Emersyn was diagnosed with ADHD and is non-verbal. Emersyn received a grant for Horse Therapy.

Joel & Matteo are ages 4 and 5 years old and live in Compton California. They were both diagnosed with Autism. Both Joel and Matteo received grants for communication devices.

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